Dollar General Brand Products Review

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Dollar General brand products review

Dollar General Brand Products Review

Have any of you ever had a conversation with a friend about any difference in quality of national brand products and generic store brand products? For those of you that use coupons to help you save money on your grocery, health & beauty, and household purchases, you probably purchase national brand products. We took on a challenge and tested out Dollar General brand products. We had no idea they had such a wide selection of products! Check out all of the categories of Dollar General brand products that are available.

Dollar General Brands:

  • Clover Valley (food products)
  • Dollar General Health (health products)
  • Dollar General Body (personal care products)
  • Dollar General Home (cleaning products)
  • Dollar General Baby (baby products)

We were more than pleasantly surprised at the quality and the value of their products! To top it off, all Dollar General brand products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee too, so you can’t lose trying them out!

Here is a list of all of the Dollar General brand products we grabbed:

  • Dollar General Home disinfecting wipes container
  • Dollar General Baby baby wipes tub
  • Dollar General Body extra moisturizing body wash
  • Dollar General Baby baby wash for hair and body
  • Dollar General Home 6 pack shaped scrubbers
  • Dollar General Home fabric softener sheets, fresh scent
  • Dollar General Body milk & honey hand soap
  • Clover Valley thick & chunky salsa, medium
  • Clover Valley Cinnamon mini squares cereal
  • Clover Valley Frosted Flakes cereal
  • Clover Valley Frosted toaster pastries, blueberry

With 4 kids around the house we are always in need of wipes to clean up messes, so we grabbed the disinfecting wipes for in the house and the baby wipes for in the car. Our kids are well beyond the toddler years, but the baby wipes come in handy when something is spilled, or they were at the park and need to clean up a little before we head home. The kids played with our dogs at the park and the Dollar General brand baby wipes did a great job cleaning up the dirty hands and knees before they got in the car. They actually worked much better than we thought they would!

As you can imagine with a house full of kids we need to do a lot of cleaning up in our home. Deals on national brand dish sponges with a scrubbing side on them don’t come around too often. We change our dish sponges out every few days, so we gave the Dollar General home brand shaped scrubbers a try. Not only did they do a better job than the national brand we usually purchase, they were actually a much better value too! That’s a win win scenario in our book! Check out the before and after pictures below of a plate that had the left over peanut butter & jelly sandwich mess we cleaned up with the Dollar General home brand shaped scrubbers.

Dollar General brand products review

One of our children has very sensitive skin and uses baby wash still as it’s more gentle for the skin, and the Dollar General Baby brand baby wash worked great too! Their Dollar General Body brand extra moisturizing body wash actually worked better than some of the national brands we used to purchase, which we were very impressed with.

We also decided to try a few of their Clover Valley brand food products. We chose products that we normally purchase the national brands for. The kids really liked both of the Clover Valley brand cereals we bought, and said they would, without a doubt, eat them again! They actually preferred the Clover Valley brand frosted pastries over the national brand we normally purchase!   Believe it or not, the Clover Valley brand were a better value than what we typically find using coupons at the stores in our area! We were very surprised with the great taste and quality of the Dollar General Clover Valley brand food products, and will definitely be purchasing them again!

If you’re looking to save money and still get great quality products, then add Dollar General store to your list of stores to hit and try out the Dollar General brand products! We are sure you’ll be as impressed with their products and the value you get as much as we were!

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Have fun shopping at Dollar General!

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  1. Frances Rouse says

    Unfortunately, I have a need for Incontinence supplies. I’ve been trying to products that are comfortable for my short fat figure. After trying the name brands, I tried Dollar Generals Brand. They are the thing for me, comfortable, durable, odor free. They have best the name brand test. I hope they don’t disappoint over the long run.
    I like the fact that the product comes in different size packaging . Price is outstanding
    and affordable. This product receives a 5 star from me.

  2. melanie Parker says

    My daughter loves the clover Valley tomato soup, she will not eat any other brand. I have even tried to change it on her and she knew it. thank you Clover Valley.

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