Coupon Dad – “Who Is This Whack Job?!”

This photo “may” or “may not” have been photo-shopped!

Coupon Dad

“Who is this Whack Job?!”…….”and why should I follow him?”

Well I’m glad you asked!

Let me enlighten you about the man, the man, the myth, the legend that is Coupon Dad LOL.

The Whack Job:

Real name: Zack

Husband and father of 4 (3 daughters and a son).

Blogger, tech geek, blog designer and social media nut.

Frugal, money saver and avid couponer (see story below).

I think I’m humorous, most others don’t seem to agree.

Over analyzer, little OCD (ok, ok more than a little) – my daughter says it’s CDO because it has to be alphabetized.

BIG kid (my youngest tells me to grow up all the time).

Have an artistic side that will come out every so often.

Appreciator of good wine and occasional scotch (single-malt).

Military brat and have lived too many places to count.

Computers tend to be nice to me.

Follow Me?

What… want more? Ok, ok…….besides the crazy humor and entertainment you will get…

Simply put, I will show you how to save a ton of money so you will never pay retail again.

Couponing Background

Ahhh….so you want to know how the heck I got into this whole couponing thing?

Well, my first exposure to coupons was at the ripe age of 14. At the time,  I was visiting my father and new step-mom for the summer and looking for ways to conjure up some more cash above the typical allowance I was given. So I came up with this brilliant scheme to pitch to my parents about giving me any money I was able to save them at the store using coupons. If I was able to knock $20 bucks off the grocery bill they would give it to me in cash.

I don’t think they realized the dedication and willpower I had to make some money. I ate more Rice-A-Roni and yogurt that summer than I can even describe (those were big coupon items back then…LOL). The best part about it was this was when we lived in Denver and the local grocery store (King Soopers) doubled and tripled coupons…Score!

Then, for a short time,  the whole couponing thing disappeared from my life only to resurface a few years ago. My sister-in-law and her children came to live with us bringing the mouths to feed in my household to nine. She was a heavy coupon user and knew everything there is to know about the coupon game. She quickly got me back into using coupons for everything to help get our grocery bill under control and taught me many advanced couponing techniques. Shortly after Coupon Dad was born and I have been sharing my money saving tips, coupons and discounts ever since.

I hope you enjoy the website and blog and will consider following me if you don’t already.

Zack aka Coupon Dad



  1. MontanaMom says

    NOw thats a good Looking FAmily :) It sounds like we have alot in common with your life story up there :) 

  2. Tina Anacleto says

    Hi! I love your site. Not long ago some one brought up expired coupons for the military. I dont know if they got an answer but if they did or didnt , it doesnt hurt to repeat it for others. You can e-mail and rttttequest a family to send your expired coupons or just unwanted coupons to a military family .They then can use them in the commasaries.  This is a great way for couponers to help support our troops and their families.

  3. denise hernandez says

    do you know how you can print your local newspaper coupon inserts off the internet?

  4. Susanhuso says


    I’m a big couponer with no need for diaper coupons!  I would gladly mail them out to you, you would just need to give me your address.  that might be a problem for you, but I don’t know how to get them to you any other way!  email me if interested.

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