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  1. Lana Turner says

    SAVE $5.00Oranges after mail-in rebate off the purchase of ANY Oranges… [more]

    Expires : 2/28/2013 Clip To: Print

    Please select at least one offer  I have treid many times to print this rebate form and it will not let me
    could you Please email the rebate form to me   I have made the purchase.

    Thank you in advance for your kindness

  2. Sue Zee Shopper says

    I just got 4 bottles of Cuties Juice for only $.50 each at
    Whole Foods! Cuties Juice is on sale for 4/$5 at the store, so they were only
    50c each using 4 coupons from Common Kindness. I figured out that you can open
    multiple accounts on Common Kindness using different email addresses to get
    past any daily print limits. I have 3 email accounts of my own and I get my
    coworkers to register and print coupons so I don’t miss any sales.

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