Cheerios June Promotion and Coupons

Cheerios 10% in One Month Promotion

For the month of June, Cheerios is doing a promotion called 10% in One Month.

The premise is that by eating Cheerios and a reduced calorie diet that you can lower your bad cholesterol 10%.

From their site:

A new study proves Cheerios® cereal plus a reduced calorie diet that is low in fat can help naturally lower bad cholesterol about 10% in one month.

Just follow these daily steps:

* Eat two 1½ cup servings of Cheerios® cereal.
* Cut 500 calories from your diet.

To kick off this promotion Cheerios is offering 4 – $1.00 off coupons on Cheerios as well as tips and recipes.

The coupons, tips and recipes will be emailed weekly during the month of June. (One coupon per week)

Click on the link below to sign up for the emails in June.

Cheerios 10% in One Month Promotion

Enjoy the savings and the reduced Cholesterol!

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