Carbonite Unlimited Online Backup for Photos, Music and More

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Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite – Back up your photos, music, and more online with unlimited space!

You have heard me talk many times about Sandy and her love of photography. It took some convincing on my part to get her to switch from film to digital. She was so afraid of losing her photos and not being able to recover them. I finally talked her into it after our 4th baby was born and you guessed it, yep, I lost her photos of our new baby in Cyberville. Well the piece of junk computer we had at the time lent a big hand in that oopsy. Has this ever happened to you?

What about all those music files or school work you may have saved on your computer? Then here comes your 2 year old and dumps the glass of iced tea you just made yourself all over your keyboard. Yikes!! Can you say fried??? Yes, that one has happened to us as well.

If I had known about Carbonite Online Backup, I would had saved myself a lot of heartache and trouble.  I had no idea they have been around since 2005, if I had, I would not have had to tell my wife I lost her pictures, again!

So I went and checked out Carbonite recently and I found a pretty amazing service to help people like me. You know the ones who are one strike away from being a single guy, walking down the highway alone, trying to figure out where he went wrong LOL.  Back to the site……so, to start with, the site is easy to navigate and everything is simple and hassle free. Uploading all my 10,000 pictures was a breeze and not having to worry about them is a relief… (can you say happy wife??)

Carbonite works in the background automatically and continually.  Whenever and where ever your computer is connected to the internet, Carbonite is working.   This is what I call a necessary investment.  Did I  mention you get FREE mobile apps for your smartphone and iPad and with these you can access any of your backed up files at anytime? This is one on the things I really liked.. You guys know how I am about staying up to date with newest technology (well except obviously backing up my computers…sigh)

I started with the FREE 15 day trial and note I didn’t have to use a credit card. Now that I have been using Carbonite computer backup, I have decided to stay with these guys. Actually thinking about all the pictures, documents, music, and emails I have already uploaded on the unlimited backup is worth the yearly $59.00 fee.

So now that you know about this awesome Online Unlimited backup space, there are a few perks if you order yours now…You will receive the 15 day FREE trial without any interruptions and if you decide to buy this for $59.00 a year the first two months are free when you  use the code: BLOGAD

So check them out and see for yourself how easy, simple, and safe Carbonite is….! Besides, $59 is a VERY small price to pay to keep the wife happy……trust me.

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