Blockbuster Express Codes for FREE Rentals 2014

Blockbuster_ExpressBlockbuster Express Codes for FREE Rentals 2014

Here is a list of all the Blockbuster Express codes for the kiosk that will get you a  free or discounted rental!

Remember movies have to be returned by 9pm to avoid extra day rental charges.

Each Blockbuster Express code can only be used once per credit card.  Some coupon codes may be regional and not work everywhere.

*Updated Info* Seems they may be a new limit of how many Blockbuster Express free rentals or coupon codes you can get / use per account (or email address…..)

Also check out our coupon codes on the new Redbox Free rental codes page!

Blockbuster Express Codes: *

Current Promotion(s):

1) Save a $1.00 off any two movie rentals with Blockbuster Express code: BBXNOVEMBER (good through 11-04-12) – must have two in cart.

2) Set up an online account (for reserving online) and you will score a FREE rental…!

3) Get a $1.00 off Blockbuster Express code on Facebook…..just head over and “like” the page…!

Available Blockbuster Express Rental Codes (FREE rentals)

* Looks like this program is over for now. Make sure to look above for any current codes.

So now to get FREE rental codes they give us a code (or key phrase) that you text to 39777 and you will get a return text with a code you can use. The code will be specific to you and is a one time use code. They come back right away. So still very easy!

Your phone must have shortcode dialing turned on. Some providers have this shut off, simply call them and ask them to enable it.

These codes get you up to $3.00 off….!

So in the to field (where the phone number would go) type in 39777. The in the body of the text type in one of the codes below. Make sure to put them in all caps.

The codes will expire 10 days from when you get your text.

Blockbuster Express Codes to text in:

Blockbuster Express codes for up to $3.00 off (can be used on $1, $2 or $3 movies)

  • DARK
  • TOM
  • SING
  • KISS
  • VOW
  • MARK

Blockbuster Express Website and Location finder

Blockbuster Express website

* this site is not associated with Blockbuster or Blockbuster Express in any way. We simply aggregate all the codes and deals available in one place for you.


  1. jeckle0024 says

    You can blame Redbox for killing the promo. They bought out blockbuster express. Of course that doesn’t explain why movies are still more expensive.

  2. says

    The Out of Stock codes are no more. :(We want to let you know that this kiosk will be going away for good in about a week:
    (my local Publix)
    If you have a movie that needs to be returned, please do so by 7/8/2012.

    Any and all codes you may have will not be accepted at Redbox kiosks so if you still have any codes find a location and go quickly.

  3. Bjdaugh says

    I have visited the Blockbuster Kiosk at Publix a few times.  It is apparent that movie buffs do not know how to take care of the DVD’s.  Twice now the DVD has been so scratched that I did not even accept the movie and returned it immediately.  This is very irritating.  What to people do to the disks????  I believe that whomever services the Kioski should periodially check each disk and remove those that are so badly scratched.

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