BJ’s Wholesale Clubs – 7 Recipes for Under $12

BJ’s Wholesale Clubs – 7 Recipes for Under $12

Check out the BJ’s Wholesale Club Facebook page. They have posted 7 dinner recipes, that will feed four people, that are all under $12 to prepare! That’s only $1.47 per person which is pretty good price for a great meal.

What caught my eye is how great some of these recipes look. For myself I’m thinking the Shrimp Lo Mein looks awesome!

The price per serving and such will be based on buying the ingredients at your local BJ’s Wholesale Club store.

If you don’t have a BJ’s nearby however you should still be able to find all the ingredients locally (of course not all the same great price BJ’s offers).

Here is some info from the BJ’s Facebook page on the recipes:

Now more than ever families are looking to save money without sacrificing quality, especially during meal time. BJ’s Wholesale Club has come up with seven hearty dinner options that can serve four people for under $12 per dinner.
Fresh, frozen or dried, classic pasta is the building block for wholesome budget-friendly dishes the whole family will love.  All of these pasta meals can be ready in a flash and are as inexpensive as $1.47 per serving.

Hope you enjoy! I’m thinking lunch can’t come fat enough now *stomach groooowwwling LOL*

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