BH Cosmetics Coupon Codes 2014 – Get Up to 74% Off

bh cosmetics coupon codes and deals

BH Cosmetics Coupon Codes 2014

Save big with these BH Cosmetic coupon codes! Not familiar with BH Cosmetics?? Well let me introduce you. BH Cosmetics offers beautiful eye, lip, and face cosmetics. They are known for their makeup palettes, which offer the most brilliantly pigmented colors available on the market. They use only the highest quality ingredients and they guarantee you will enjoy using their full line of beauty products for looks that last all day!

BH Cosmetics Coupon Codes and Deals

Coupon Codes: FALLSALE
Hot new deal from BH Cosmetics you will want to check out! Right now during their fall sale you can save up to 74% off!! Simply shop through the link above and you can score this great deal. Make sure to look at all the deals…BH Cosmetics liquid foundation is 67% off and only $2.95!

Coupon Codes: PARTYGIRL
Great new deal from BH Cosmetics for 60% off Party Girl After Hours eyeshadows palette! Somply shop through the link above to get your discount. This deal will only be good through September 7, 2014.

Codes: NAIL
BH Cosmetics code to get 50% off 15 color mini nail polish set.  Your choice of Flirty or Trendy for only $8.95, normally $17.95. To get this deal just click the link above to active discount. Your savings will automatically be applied to your order.

Coupon Codes: BUY2
Buy any 2 products, get 10% off your order. To get this deal, just shop through the link above and your discount will automatically be applied to your savings.  With this deal you can buy something for your lips and something for your eyes and save 10% off already low prices. This is a BH Cosmetic deal to get excited about.

Buy 2 primers and get 10% off your order. It is the prime time to save. Just shop through the link above and your discount will automatically be applied to your order. Some exclusions may apply to BH Cosmetics coupon codes and deals.

BH Cosmetics Free Shipping

Of course, BH Cosmetics offers awesome cosmetics at stellar prices but does that mean you are going to pay a lot in shipping?? Heck no. First, you get free shipping on all orders of $50 or more.

BHFREESHIP – (click link to active)

To get your free shipping on $50, just shop through the link above and your shipping will automatically be applied to your order. Second, BH Cosmetics offers several shipping options so you can save. Shipping on orders less than $50 starts at only $3.95.

How To Save at BH Cosmetics

So if you are like Mrs. Coupon Dad, there is no such thing as a makeup collection that is too big. Apparently, one needs “different looks” depending on the outfit or occasion. Who knew? Anyway, with the prices that BH Cosmetic offer, it is affordable to have as many as you want without breaking the bank. Even at full price, which never happens because they are always offering deals, the prices are still affordable.  So check here often for all the latest BH Cosmetics coupon codes and deals.

Military Discount

BH Cosmetics at this time does not offer a military discount. But no need to worry, the prices are still affordable. If this policy should ever change, I will let you know.

What We Love About BH Cosmetics

Mrs. Coupon Dad take it away….

I have several of the eye shadow palettes and love them. There are so many look options without spending a ton to get them. You can get a 120 palette and spend less than $20.  I also have the 24 piece brush set and I LOVE it. It is so nice to apply your makeup without having to stop in the middle and clean your brushes.

I will tell you though, using a primer is important to get the pigment to really pop. I use the NYX Jumbo Stick in milk. I already had this one and it works really well so I never bought the BH primer. It kinda makes your eye lid tacky and the eyeshadow adheres to it really well. Plus, that particular primer is inexpensive so I use it. I like the NYX and my philosophy is if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Have you tried the BH Cosmetics primer?

The eyeshadows and brushes are the only products I have ever purchased but I love them. You can do just about any look you can find, especially with the 120 color palette, because every color on the rainbow is right at your fingertips. It is fun playing with different color combos.


  1. Coupon Dad says

    Hi Niesha,
    It’s Mrs. Coupon Dad… I really love it! The colors are so fun but most importantly, it’s really affordable. Just make sure you use a primer if purchasing the eyeshadows. Doing so will really make the pigments pop! Hope you like it. Did you enter the giveaway?

    Thanks for reading.
    Mrs. CD

  2. Niesha says

    So excited to check this out…..I have heard a lot of my friends in the US and Caribbean rave about this brand

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