Best Buy Reward Zone – 75 FREE Points!

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Best Buy Reward Zone – 75 FREE Points!

Here is a HOT one for you…..WOOT..!!! Head over to the Reward Zone Facebook page and you can score 75 FREE Reward Zone points! Gave me enough to score another certificate.

FREE Reward Zone points

Just  and “like” the page and connect to their app….then sign in with your Rewards Zone info. Not a Reward Zone member yet? First go sign up for the Best Buy Reward Zone program…it’s FREE. You earn cash certificates to use at Best Buy on your next purchase as well as other great perks.

Once you get to the fanpage you need to go to two places to get your FREE 75 points. Don’t worry though…..this only takes a minute.

1) First check out the user poll near the top. Click that tab and answer a quick survey question. Once you do that you will get 25 points added to your account. SWEET

2) Next click the “Ultimate Spaces” tab at the top. Then follow the directions to build your ideal living room. Just add products you think you would like to each box….really easy. Then click finish. Once you click finish you will get another 50 points!

So head over and grab some FREE Reward Zone points!

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