Sears Auto Deals – Free Tire Rotation or $19.99 Oil Change

Sears Auto Deals - Free Tire Rotation or $19.99 Oil Change

Sears Auto Deals – Free Tire Rotation or $19.99 Oil Change

We all know the best way to save on our car is to keep it properly maintained. This Sears Auto Deal for a free tire rotation or a $19.99 oil change will certainly help!

Did you know that we always have the latest Sears Auto coupons? Why is this important? Because this particular deal is good through January 3, 2015. If you should see this post after this date, just click the link above to get the latest coupon!

There are many  printable Sears coupons, but the ones that get my attention is the FREE tire rotation  or the $19.99 oil change. It’s very hard to change the oil in the car yourself for only $19.99, so this is a GREAT deal!

The best part, you don’t even have to print the coupon. You can if you want, but when you choose your coupon and make your appointment, the coupon will automatically apply to your account. Save a tree and some money… Great deal all the way around!

Keep your car in tip top shape with these Sears Auto deals!

American Eagle Extra 40% Off – Sweaters $17.99 Shipped

American Eagle Extra 40% Off -  Sweaters $17.99 Shipped

American Eagle Extra 40% Off –  Sweaters $17.99 Shipped

There is a great American Eagle deal. Get an extra 40% off on clearance items for savings of 60% off or more….Enter this sweater. My daughter has had her eye on for sometime now.  It’s normally $49.95…. not happening in my house! With the clearance deal, it’s down to $17.99 and shipping is free through the January 2, 2015, this price I can handle.

To get this American Eagle deal, simply click the link above. There is no need to enter an American Eagle coupon.  The prices are as marked.

Hurry, this deal is good through December 13, 2014.

PetSmart BOGO Deal + Free Shipping + Free $5

PetSmart BOGO Deal + Free Shipping + Free $5

PetSmart BOGO Deal + Free Shipping + Free $5

If you have pets, you will want this Petsmart BOGOdeal + you free shipping + $5 in Bonus Bucks for your next purchase!

We always have the latest PetSmart promo code or discount on our dedicated PetSmart page. You can check that our by clicking the link above.

The PetSmart deal is BOGO 25% off sitewide. The discount for flea and tick prevention is 20%. We all know how expensive that stuff can be! FYI, the BOGO deal is valid online only! But wait…. there’s more… If you spend $35 on dog food, treats, or rawhide, you will get a $5 Bonus Bucks (coupon for free $5) for use on your next purchase of food, treats, or rawhide. Also, shipping is FREE on orders of $49 or more or you now have the option to buy online to get the discount and pickup at your local PetSmart!

To get this deal, all you do is click the link above and start shopping. Add the two items to your cart and the discount will automatically apply to your cart.

Lets recap the deal

– BOGO 25% sitewide
– BOGO 20% on flea and tick prevention
– Free shipping on orders of $49 +
– Free $5 Bonus Bucks wyb $35 in dog food, rawhide, or treats

Why lug heavy food and other items in and out of the car when the nice UPS man will deliver it right to your door! Good through December 17, 2014!

Cooking.Com Deal – 10% Off + FREE Gift Valued At $34!

Cooking.Com Deal - 10% Off + FREE Gift Valued At $34!

Cooking.Com Deal – 10% Off + FREE Gift Valued At $34!

There is a great deal I wanted to share with you. First, get 10% off your order. Then, if you order $50 or more of select Rachel Ray Stoneware, get a EVOO dispensing bottle valued at $34. In case you are wondering, EVOO means, extra virgin olive oil!.

Use the coupon COOKSAV to get 10% off your order. When you add $50 of Rachel Ray Stoneware to your order, the EVOO bottle will automatically apply. This deal is good through December 19, 2014.

Let me break this down for you. You add $50 worth of product to your cart. The EVOO dispenser valued at $34 will appear as well. You get 10% off the $50. You are only paying $45 for $84 worth of product and most of the products are on sale too! It’s a great deal!

5 Tips to Save You Money on Health Insurance

5 Tips to Save You Money on Health Insurance

5 Tips to Save You Money on Health Insurance

There is a lot of talk out there about health insurance. It’s a complicated and expensive choice families have to make that really affects the budget. We have had our fair share of medical issues and dealing with health insurance companies so I thought I would share 5 tips to help you save money on health insurance.

One – Don’t just look at the premium amount. While your premium may be relatively inexpensive, your deductible could be extremely high, making your health insurance more of a major catastrophe plan. Let’s say you have a medical issue that requires surgery. Before surgery you have to pay $10k to the doctor and hospital before you can have the surgery. If you don’t have $10k to pay this deductible, this insurance is pretty much worthless to you. You will not be able to get the surgery you need because you don’t have the $10k making the premiums you did pay a big waste of money. If you know that you will use your insurance, choose a plan with a manageable deductible too.

Second – On the flip side, don’t pay for more than you need. If you are the type of person that only goes to the doctor once every 10 years to get a tetanus booster, then you will most likely be ok with a cheaper monthly premium and a higher deductible. Paying high premiums in your case is a waste of money.

Third – Ask the cash price. If you have a high deductible plan and you do have go to the doctor, ask what their cash price is. 90% of the time, it will be less expensive than if you were to use your insurance for that one visit. Example. My daughter needed an x-ray. They asked if we had insurance and I gave the lady my card and she asked for $124. For what ever reason, I thought to ask, “how much is it if I just pay out of pocket”. She responded, “$24.50″. You don’t have to ask which option I chose. It’s silly to pay those high prices for one visit.

Four – One size doesn’t fit all… even within a family. Did you know that a family can purchase 2 separate plans?  In my family, our oldest daughter and myself are the only ones that use our insurance.  I have chronic issues and our oldest daughter is special needs. We always know that the two of us will meet the deductible every year. Zack and the other three kids  a once per year physical and they are good. Des and I need a low deductible plan, but if the six of us were on the same plan, it would cost us $1300 per month. OUCH!  As our kids say, we used our “smarticle particles” and Zack and three kids are on one plan and I’m on another with our eldest. Totally different companies too. We shopped around. By doing this it saves our family $500 per month! That is a LOT of money!!

Five – Do the math. If you have small kids or have issues to where you know that you will using your insurance, a good bit,  look at what it will cost in the worst case scenario. Know EXACTLY what your medical cost would be for the entire year and then compare plans. Look at the cost of premiums (times 12 months) + out of pocket maximum = your total cost for the year.  For example,  if my premium is $20 per month and my out of pocket maximum is $500, then I know that my medical cost for that particular plan is $740.  Compare the plans this way. While a plan may seem good, when you break it down like this, you will see exactly what you would pay in the worse case. I call this the “cost per unit method”. Break it down just like you are shopping for paper towels or dish soap, lol.

Lastly, it’s also worth looking into a separate dental plan than what your health insurance offers. With my plan, it was $30 per month just for me. We shopped around and found a similar plan direct that was $300 per year for the whole family. Also, all six of us wear glasses and or contacts. We save a TON of money with VSP. I didn’t even know you could buy vision insurance until recently. So you might want to check that out too. Just another way to save!

After my years of dealing with insurance companies and shopping for the best deals, this is the some ways I have learned to save on health insurance. Please let us know if you have any questions. Good luck.