Ninja Professional Blender Only $64.99 Shipped!!!

Ninja Professional Blender Only $64.99 Shipped!!!

Ninja Professional Blender Only $64.99 Shipped!!!

Check out this Ninja Blender for only $64.99 shipped!!! This blender is normally $99.99!!! Here’s how to get this Best Buy deal. Simply shop through the link and add the Ninja Professional Blender to your cart.  A $15 gift card will automatically be applied to your cart.  Then enter the promo code SUMMER20FF.

Ninja Blender $99.99
-20% off with code from above
= $79.99
- $15 gift card for future purchase
Final total is $64.99 and that includes shipping!

What a deal. We love our Ninja blender. Sandy just made some homemade salsa yesterday and it was very tasty!!

6 Ways To Never Fight About Money With Your Spouse Again!!

Top 6 Way To Never Fight About Money With Your Spouse Again!!

6 Ways To Never Fight About Money With Your Spouse Again!!

According to this Good Housekeeping article, 90% of divorces are caused by money. Surprisingly, it isn’t necessarily the lack of money that causes the issues. It’s the differences in the spending habits of each individual and the communication regarding the money that is the issue.

I’ll admit, the first  7 years of my marriage, the ONLY argument my wife and I had was over money.  Sandy had her ideas and I had mine and it caused friction and hard feelings.  I was the one that always managed our very tight budget and Sandy would often say, “it always feels like I am asking daddy for money and I hate it”.  I hated that she felt that way.  Our relationship was perfect in every other aspect except this one. It took us many years but, we finally figured it out. I thought I would share what we did and maybe it can help save you some heartache and pain. See, we offer so many services here at!, LOL.

So here are my top 6 ways to never fight about money with your spouse again! 

1. Make a budget together!

This one will take some effort but, make some time and do a budget together. The operative word is together.  Say it with me, TOGETHER. Sandy and I do our yearly budget in October and then each month we have our “monthly financial meeting”… sounds all fancy right… to talk about and go over our expenses and income for the upcoming month.  Making the budget together allows both of  us to be aware of the money coming and the money going out. It allows you to be on the same page. I love how I Am That Lady said, “I do not simply mean checking your account balances and making sure you have enough income to cover your expenses throughout the month.  I’m talking about a proactive management of your finances”. Right on, I Am That Lady, right on!! If you are on the same page and you know what expenses are coming up, the Mrs. won’t be expecting a fancy dinner out on the town when only Ramen is in the budget and she will also NOT get upset with you when you have to tell her “no” because she will already know that only Ramen is in the budget. See. That’s one fight avoided!!

Don’t worry, we will go over step-by-step on how to make a budget that is easy and that you will be able to stick to it later!

2. Make goals!

Do you want to purchase a new house? Maybe its a new car? Or perhaps it’s an around the world vacation?? Whatever your goal is, write it down and budget and work together to make it happen. Have short-term goals and long-term goals as well. Don’t forget to make new goals once you have achieved a goal on your list.  Our short-term goal is having tile installed on the lower level floors in our house. Our long-term goal is to be able to retire on an island somewhere.  Having a goal to work toward helps keep the frivolous purchases at bay and helps you stay within your budget.

3. Communicate!

Communication is the key here. Share your financial wants, needs, and dreams. That doesn’t mean you will get that Gucci purse or that newest electronic gadget but, communicating your financial wants and needs brings unity and shows your partner the things that are important to you.

4. Be fair!

Now, it doesn’t matter if we are talking $5 or $500,000, I am a firm believer that each person in the relationship needs money that they are not held accountable to the other person for. For example, in our budget, we have a “Sandy personal” line and a “wine” budget line. Sandy likes getting her nails done and all that girly stuff and I enjoy a good bottle of wine. We budget that!! However, Sandy’s personal budget is the same dollar amount as my wine budget. We talk about the amount before hand. Just because I am the “bread winner”, that doesn’t mean my wine budget is bigger than her personal budget.  We are equal players on this team and we get the same amount of personal budget. Furthermore,  if I choose to spend my entire budget on 1 bottle of wine, Sandy doesn’t flip out or nag me about it.  Or,  if Sandy spends her entire budget on a single pair of shoes, I say nothing.

5. Stick to it!

You have done the hard work of making the budget now stick to it.  Sticking to your budget, will not only allow you to track your money and see exactly what you are spending on but, it will also keep the harmony in your relationship!! We use a spreadsheet that we call “the tracker” and it list ALL of the money that we spend throughout the month as well as the amounts that we have budgeted and it keeps a running total. It also shows how much budget funds we have left to spend.  There will be more about these spreadsheets later.  Also, nothing will cause an argument faster if you have agreed on a budget of $250 for a new television and you spend $500… trust me on this!!

6. Be honest!

Be honest.  Keeping secret accounts and stashes of money is, in my opinion, betrayal.  Now, Sandy has in her purse her “secret $20″, and I know that. For some reason she feels better having that $20 cash and that’s fine. I’ll ask if she has cash and she will say no. Her secret $20 doesn’t count and that’s ok. I am talking about keeping money from your partner for the sake of keeping it from them. Whether it is intentional or not, not having the open communication is not good for a marriage. Also, be honest when you do go over budget. Yes, you may have to answer to why you are over but, at least you are upfront and honest about. Secrecy and lying about only creates more secrets and lies. It doesn’t take a Dr.Phil to figure out that deceit is not good for any relationship. Remember you are accountable to each other for staying within the means of your budget.  Remember, fair is fair!!

So there you have it.  It only took us 7 years to figure this out but, once we did, our lives became so much better. Since we have figured out our budget, we never, ever fight about money. Just like every other couple, we have our good money months and we have our very tight budget months too. But, doing our budget together really makes those hard times not feel so hard.

Lastly, the thing that we have learned over the years is not everyone knows where to begin with budgeting.  I grew up with accountants for parents so budgeting was instilled in me at a very early age but, Sandy was pretty clueless about it. She was very familiar with know how to stretch a dollar but, actually budgeting was a foreign concept.  People have asked us about budgeting and we are always willing to help.  Stayed tuned for the Budgeting 101 post that will be coming in the near future. As always, drop up a line and we will be more than happy to guide you along the way.

What other suggestions do you all have?


Bloomingdale’s Deal – 20% Off + Free Shipping + Free $25 Gift Card!

Bloomingdale's Deal - 20% Off + Free Shipping + Free $25 Gift Card!

Bloomingdale’s Deal – 20% Off + Free Shipping + Free $25 Gift Card!

I am very excited about this Bloomingdale’s deal! You can get 20% off + free shipping + get a free $25 gift card!!! Sweet, right?? Wanna know how??? Sure you do… here’s how….

Bloomingdale’s deal

First, if you are a Loyallist, you get 20% off a great selection of sale, clearance, and regular priced items. I’m talking a really great selection!! Oh, and to be a Loyallist, no worries, it’s free and painless to do. Next, when you become a Loyallist, you get free shipping and returns and it doesn’t matter what you spend. Lastly, the $25 gift card. Well, the Loyallist program is a point based reward system. For every 5000 points, you receive a $25 Bloomingdale’s gift card…. You still with me?? I thought so.

Right now, you can earn 5000 “power points” on select women’s, men’s, and children’s brands for every $100 you spend. Remember 5000 points equals $25…. Still with me??

So what does all this mean??? Well let me break it down. Click the link above and add $120 worth of your favorite women’s, men’s, and children’s brands to your brown bag. Remember you are getting 20% off for being a Loyallist so you are down to $100 and you get free shipping!!  Oh, and remember those 5000 “power points”. That allows you to earn a $25 Bloomingdale’s gift card to use on your next purchase.  And now you have your FREE $25 gift card! There you have it. Your week is now complete. Your weekend may now begin!

Hurry, don’t miss out! This Bloomingdale’s deal ends on July 13, 2014.

Bloomingdale's deal

Avis Coupon Codes for July 2014 – Save 10% Off

Save big with Avis coupon codes and deals

Whether it be business or pleasure, Avis coupon codes can help you get where you need to be and save money when you get there.

Current Avis Coupon Codes and Deals

1) Save 10% off weekend rental - Good for a limited time

10OFF -(click link to activate)

Save 10% off weekend rental. Discount applies to Avis leisure weekend rates and is applicable only to the time and mileage charges of the rental. Offer applies to intermediate (group C) through full size four-door (group E) vehicles. Taxes are extra.  Just reserve through the link above to lock in your savings. Some exclusions may apply to Avis coupon codes and deals.

2) Save up to 15% off - Limited time offer

15OFF – (click link to activate)

Get up to 15% off weekly rates of 5 days plus. The discount is  applicable only to the time and mileage charges of the rental. Offer applies to intermediate (group C) through full size four-door (group E) vehicles. Other fees may apply. Just reserve through the link above and enter the AWD G833700 at checkout to lock in your savings. 

3) Save up to 25 % + free upgrade - Good for a limited time

25OFF – (click link to activate savings)

Save up to 25% + get a free upgrade when you use your Discover card. The discount applies to Avis leisure weekly and weekend rates and is applicable only to the time and mileage charges of the rental. The upgrade is valid for a one time, one car group upgrade on an intermediate (group C) through a full-size four-door (group E) car. Some exclusions may apply. Remember some exclusions may apply to Avis coupon codes and deals.

4) Free Day of GPS navigation  - Good for a limited time

GOGPS – (click link to activate savings)

Get a free day of GPS navigation on a weekly rental. Coupon good on an intermediate (group C) through a full-size four door (group E). 

5) One Way rental $19.99 - Good for a limited time

ONEWAY – (click link to activate savings)

Get a one-way rental for up to four hours, including gas, for only $19.99. Just reserve through the link above and lock in the discount. Some exclusions may apply to Avis discounts.

6) AARP members get $15 off – Good for a limited time only

AARP – (click link to activate discount)

AARP members get $15 off a 2nd day rental. To lock in this deal, just reserve through the link above.

7) Get $50 off - Good for a limited time only

MUWA073 – (click link to activate)

Get $50 off your next monthly visit.  Coupon valid for $50 off a monthly at participating Avis locations in the contiguous U.S. and Canada Offer applies to a minimum 30 day rental period of a compact (group B) and above excluding X class. Just reserve through the link above and enter the coupon at checkout. 

8) Get 20% off + free upgrade - Good for a limited time

UUEA010 – (click link to activate savings)

Use your Mastercard and get 20% off + a free upgrade. A MasterCard credit card must be used when making the reservation for this offer to be valid. Offer valid for a savings of up to 20% plus a one time, one car group upgrade on an intermediate (group C) through a full-size four-door (group E) car. Just reserve from the link above and enter the coupon code at checkout as well as the AWD # A382900. Some exclusions may apply to Avis coupon codes and deals. 

Avis Car Rental Locations

With tons of locations world-wide, you can count on Avis being right where you need them.

Avis locations

Just click the link above and fill out the form to find the Avis nearest you.

How To Save

To save even more, at most Avis locations in the U.S. and Canada, you could keep more money in your pocket with online PAY NOW rates. How much money you ask? Up to 30%. Just pay with a credit card at the time of reservation. If discounted PAY NOW rates are available for your car rental, you’ll see a “PAY NOW ONLINE” rate advisory on the car selection page during your online reservation. Also make sure to check back here for the latest Avis coupon codes to get even more savings!

Military Discount

Whether you’re traveling on official Government business or for pleasure, we’re committed to serving the needs of every branch of the U.S. Military and Federal Government.  Avis is a an approved Government supplier and they have worked hard to make the Avis Government Rate Program the best in the industry. So be sure to inquire about a military discount when picking up your car.

Things We Like About Avis

The thing I like about Avis is all there services and products they offer. In a new city and don’t feel comfortable driving around, no problem. Avis can offer you their WEDRIVEU Chauffeur service. Own a business that often needs to take advantage of a rental car, no problem.  Avis can offer you their Corporate Awards program. They will offer business owners the best rates, reward days, and member only offers.

With so much to offer Avis really does do it better!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Review and Giveaway

SmileBrilliant Teeth Whitening Review and Giveaway

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Review and Giveaway

Everyone wants a pearly white smile. I know I do but, I am a coffee drinker. We are talking at least 6 cups of day. Lets just say, my teeth were a little less than white. I tried those drugstore whitening kits but, they worked only so-so. The last time I was at the dentist, I asked about it and WOW, professional teeth whitening is expensive!!! So, when SmileBrilliant asked me to try their professional teeth whitening kit, I jumped on it.

Right now, you can get Smile Brilliant  for only $119.95. What an awesome price for lab direct, custom-fitted, teeth whitening trays! This teeth whitening kit is normally $179 and this includes shipping both ways!! Wondering what you get for this price??? You get:

- upper and lower custom-fitted whitening trays
- a carrying case to hold your trays
- 3 way, prepaid postage. The kit to you, the impressions to the lab, and your trays back to you!
- 1 set of custom dental molds
- professional teeth whitening gel
- a 2 year warranty whitening tray replacement warranty
- 30 day satisfaction guarantee

See, a lot of bang for your buck!

SmileBriliant teeth whitening system.

Now, I know you are concerned about the ease of the product… no worries, it’s easy. The directions are clear and concise. Just drop your impression in the prepaid envelope and you will receive your new trays in 1 to 4 weeks. I got mine in just 10 days. One thing I would recommend is to have a napkin or paper towel handy though when doing your impressions. When I was holding the mold to my teeth to let my impressions set I was slobbering all over lol.

So I have been using my trays for a couple of weeks now. I put them in at night right before bed and I sleep in them. Even though the gel loses its effectiveness after 3 hours you can leave them in longer. I find sleeping in them to be the easiest process for me. I can see a very noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth. The coffee really does a number on my teeth but, no one wants me to go with out my coffee (grumpy) so the Smile Brilliant is just that… brilliant!!

Oh, and I did mention a giveaway. Yep, the awesome folks at Smile Brilliant is offering 1 lucky Coupon Dad reader the exact package as you see above. Everything you need to get your smile bright plus. Also included in the kit is the Desensitizer gel. Sometimes when using teeth whitener, it can cause tooth sensitivity. No need to worry, we have you covered.

So if you want a brilliant, white smile without breaking the bank, give Smile Brilliant a shout.

Giveaway Details:

Simply enter through the widget below!

This giveaway will be open until midnight on July 13, 2014. I will notify the winner early in the week by email (make sure to give a good email address). The winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.

If on a mobile device, simply click the link below to access the form.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit (ends July 13th, 2104)