Sears Auto Coupons 2014 – Get 10% off

Sears Auto coupons for services and online purchases

Sears Auto Coupons 2014

Take advantage of these Sears Auto coupons on your next purchase of tires, batteries, accessories and more.

Sears Auto Coupons and Deals

Coupon: 20BUCKS
Great way to save on your automotive needs. Get $20 off your order of $200 or more when you shop through the link above. Don’t forget to enter the promo code at checkout to lock in your discount. This deal is good through October 23, 2014.

Coupon: EXTRA50
Get an EXTRA $50 off your $400 order of tires, batteries, and accessories at Sears Auto when you shop through the link above. Some exclusions may apply to Sears Auto coupons. This deal is good through January 31, 2015!

Printable coupons: Sears Auto coupons
We have 14 new printable coupons for Sears Auto services for you!  Just click on the link above to print up your Sears Auto coupons.

Sears Auto Center Locations

Looking for the Sears Auto center location nearest to you?  Just click on the link below, and then you will be able to find the Sears Auto center most convenient to you.

Sears Auto Center locator

Click on the link above, and you will see the ‘Store locator’ button on the top left corner.  Just click on that and enter in your zip code or city and state and it will pull up all of the Sears Auto Center stores in your area.

How To Save At Sears Auto Centers

Are you looking to save on auto repairs or accessories? We have all of the latest Sears Auto coupons to help you save! We keep this page up to date with all of the latest coupons and deals, so make sure you bookmark this page so you can check back quickly for savings on your auto needs! You can also check out our Sears discount codes page for coupons on everything else Sears!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our email and have the deals delivered straight to your inbox! The buttons to subscribe are at the top of our page! Thanks and enjoy watching all of the savings add up!

Military Discount

Sears Auto doesn’t have any advertised military discounts. However, Sears is a HUGE supporter of the military and have lots of programs for the military and their families. I would highly recommend bringing in your valid military ID and asking about a discount. You can read more about Sears military support to see all they’re doing to help those of you that serve and defend our country.

What We Love About Sears Auto

As I mentioned before, we use Sears Auto for our routine maintenance.  It’s a great deal especially with the coupons. My favorite coupon is the free tire rotation. Some places charge $25 for that service. There is just something awesome about saving $25 with a coupon.

But Sears Auto is more than just an oil change and tire rotation station. Of course, you can purchase new tires and wheels but Sears Auto also offers services on your brakes, steering and suspension services for things like cv shafts, ball joints, and tie rods (plus many more). They can also check and change your antifreeze for you. Sears can service your air conditioning. That is a very important one especially in places like here in South Texas.  And lastly, if you need a new car battery, check out Sears Auto.  Sears also sells many parts that you may need to keep you car running in tip top shape.

HP Ink Coupons and Stackable Discounts 2014

HP ink couponsHP Ink Coupons and Stackable Discount 2014

Looking for some HP Ink coupons? Do I have some deals for you! Not only do we have all the latest HP ink, toner and printing accessory coupons below. But you can save even more with our exclusive HP discount program for Coupon Dad readers! We have teamed up with HP to get extra savings and free shipping. So make sure to check out the program (info below) and get signed up as well. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

HP Ink Coupons

HP Ink Coupons: BUILD14
Here is a new HP Ink coupon for this week. This will will get you $5 off your purchase of $30 or more! Shop through the link above and then enter the coupon code at checkout. Also make sure to check out how to get an additional discount below with my program with HP! This coupon is good through December 13th only.

Coupons: SV3846
We have a new HP Ink coupon for $10 off your purchase of $60 or more! Just shop through the link above to get your discount and then enter the HP Ink coupon code at checkout. Don’t forget to check out our discount program below as well for additional savings. This coupon is good through January 10, 2015.

Coupons: BTH26
Here is another HP Ink coupon you can try. This one is also for $10 off a purchase of $60 or more. Just shop through the link above to get your discount. This HP Ink coupon is good through November 30th, 2014.

Coupons: CONNECT
This HP Ink coupon is also for $10 off a purchase of $60 or more. So you can try all three and one should work for you. They all have their quirks LOL. Some exclusions may apply to these HP ink coupons. Also not all coupons may stack with our EPP discount program. This one is good through October 31st, 2014.

Previous Coupons:

New HP ink coupon for 20% off your purchase of $60 or more!! This will stack with my discount program as well for even bigger savings plus free overnight shipping directly from HP. See below about the program….easy, just have to register for HP site through my link and you will be attached to the program! This coupon is good through October 22nd.

HP and Coupon Dad Discount Program

As I mentioned above HP has partnered with us to offer exclusive discounts to our readers! Get extra savings of up to 20% off on ink, toner, computers, printers, tablets etc. These savings can often be stacked on top of eligible coupons, rebates, and sales. So some HUGE savings. SO head over to our HP discount program page for all the details on the program and to get signed up. Very simple!

HP discount program

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Simply send me your email address in the form below and I will add you to the list for my notification email..!

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Free Case of Bottled Spring Water at Staples October 2014

Free Arrowhead spring water

Free Case of Bottled Spring Water at Staples October 2014

There is a HOT deal at Staples this week with coupon for a free case of bottled spring water!! Brand will vary based on region of the country, but will be something like Arrowhead, Poland Springs, Deer Park etc… Just head over to the Staples coupon page and print the coupon. Then head over to Staples to grab your free case of water. No purchase is necessary either!! This deal is good through October 18th only….so don’t miss out.

Only one coupon allowed per customer….so you can only grab one. Enjoy!

Express Promo Codes 2014 – Save Up to 60% Off

Grab savings on clothing, shoes and more with Express promo codes and deals

Express Promo Codes 2014

We all like to look our best and with these Express promo codes you can look great without having to take out a second mortgage! When you look great, you feel great. When you can look and feel great and save money, that is a great day!

Express Promo Codes and Deals

Promo Code: 1100
Get 30% off your order of $100 or more or 40% off your order of $200 ore more.  Be sure to enter the promo code at checkout to lock in your savings! Some exclusions may apply to Express promo codes. This coupon is good through October 23, 2014.

Promo Code: FALL14
Text FALL14 to 397-737 to receive 30% off your next purchase! Some exclusions may apply to Express promo codes. This deal is good for a limited time.

Express Free Shipping

Are you looking to save on shipping costs for you order?  Shipping costs sure can add up these days can’t they? Thankfully Express has you covered with a great offer.

1) Free shipping on orders of $125 +.

2) Free shipping on all Express gift cards that you purchase online!

3) Canada – $8 flat rate shipping on Canada orders!

Just shop through any of the links above to activate your discounts! There may be some restrictions to Express promo codes and deals.

Express Store Locations

Wanting to head to an Express clothing store in your area?  Not sure where one is?  No problem! Express has stores all across the country, so chances are, there is one near you!

Express store locator

Just click on the link above, then enter your zip code, or city and state.  After you entered your city information in, click on the ‘search’ button.  A list of all of the stores nearest to you will pop right up.

How To Save at Express

Looking to save at Express?  Here you will find all of the best and latest Express promo codes and deals! You’re going to love shopping at Express and watching your savings add up! Make sure you bookmark this page so you can check back quickly before you shop!

In addition to the great savings we have for you on here, you can earn points and rewards for your purchases with the Express Next rewards program! Just click on the link to the left to check out the details and sign up!

Express Military Discount

Express offers a 10% off military discount on top of other coupons you may have as well! Make sure you bring your Military ID with you to present to them at checkout. I also recommend you call ahead of time to double check and make sure that your store does offer this, as we’ve found that sometimes these are offered at the discretion of the owner or manager.

What We Love About Express

Our family doesn’t really shop at Express very often, but we have some close friends that do that have told us all about the store. Our friends really like that they have clothing that we can wear for either business or casual attire. That sure sounds like a wise investment on clothing to me! We’ve also heard that it’s great quality clothing that really lasts.  Since you can take advantage of savings with these great Express promo codes and deals it should make shopping there even more fun!

Audible Promo Code 2014 – 30 Days Free! promo code and free 30 day trial

Audible Promo Code 2014

Have you checked out by Amazon? We have the latest Audible promo code and free trials for you to check them out! lets you easily download books to your smartphone, iPad or Kindle Fire to listen to. We love these audio books for when in the car, when working out or even at night laying in bed. See below on how to get your first book for 30 days free! Great way to try it out and see how you like it.

Audible Promo Codes

Promo Code: AUDIBLE
Get a 30 day free trial to through the link above! Only takes a few seconds to get going because you can use your Amazon account to log in. Very cool! So definitely worth trying out to see how you like it and what titles are available. But with over 150,000 books I know you will find something you like. Make sure to look over all the details. If you decide to keep your membership it will renew at the low price of just $14.95 a month! But you can easily cancel before your 30 days and not be charged if for some reason you decide it’s not for you. This 30 day free trial is for a limited time so don’t miss it! is owned and operated by Amazon so you know the experience and service will be great!