Papa Murphy’s Coupons 2014 – BOGO 50% Off

Papa Murphy's coupons and deals to save on your next meal

Papa Murphy’s Coupons 2014

My son and I love the Papa Murphy’s Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza….so good. With these Papa Murphy’s coupons to save us money we get to indulge a little more often too! So check out all the coupons below and save some money on your next Papa Murphy’s order as well. We always have the newest and best coupons right here.

Papa Murphy’s Coupons

1) Buy 1 Get 1 50% off pizza – Good through August 8, 2014

Papa Murphy’s printable – (click link to print)

Buy 1 Get 1 for 50% off! Just print your coupon through the link above and redeem at checkout. Some exclusions may apply to Papa Murphy’s coupons and deals.

2) Take up to $3.00 off a pizza - Valid through July 31, 2014

Papa Murphy’s printable - (click link to print)

Here is a HOT coupon for $2.00 off any pizza, any size! OR Take $3.00 off one family size, $2.00 off 1 large or $1.00 off 1 medium pizza. Just print your coupon through the link above and redeem at checkout. There may be some exclusions to Papa Murphy’s coupons.

3) Only $10 for large Cowboy pizza - Limited time offer

Papa Murphy’s Cowboy pizza – (click link to print)

Get a large Cowboy pizza for only $10.00 with the coupon above. Just click on the link above and redeem at checkout. Some exclusions may apply to Papa Murphy’s coupons.

Papa Murphy’s Locations

Looking for a Papa Murphy’s in your area?  With locations all across the country, you may find one right in your area!  Just click on the link below to find a location near you!

Papa Murphy’s store locator

So make it a pizza night and stop by and use these Papa Murphy’s coupons and grab some great take n’ bake pizza and some cookie dough for desert. Mmmm…..sounds good to me. My favorite Papa Murphy’s pizza is the Chicago Stuffed crust one. LOVE it……

Have fun not having to really cook! LOL

What’s better than pizza and a movie? Check out our free Redbox codes page and grab your self a movie free too!

Weight Watchers Codes 2014 – Save 50% Off!

weight watchers codes to save you on your diet plan

Weight Watchers Codes 2014

Use these Weight Watchers codes to not only save you some dough, but also to shed those unwanted pounds. What are you waiting for??? Go, sign up and start working toward your ideal weight.  Mrs. Coupon Dad has used Weight Watchers with great success. She now uses it to maintain. It works and there are tons of tools to help you succeed in your weight loss journey. Also my assistant Kimberly has used them….she has included her success tory below!

Weight Watchers Codes

1) Weight Watchers deal for 50% off through July 30, 2014 only!

50% off deal

Hot deal for 50% off when you sign up for one or three months to! You have to sign up online to get this deal, simply use the link above to get set up. Don’t miss this deal….we don’t see 50% off often!!

2) Save over 30% with 3-month savings plan valid through February 1, 2015.

3-month plan – (click link to activate savings)

Save over 30% when you purchase the 3-month savings plan through the link above. Savings of $26.82!! Join the plan through the link above and your savings will be automatically applied. Some exclusions may apply to Weight Watchers codes and deals.

3) Simple Start plan!  The simplest Weight watchers plan ever good through July 31, 2014.

Simple Start 2-week plan - (click link to activate savings)

Join the Simple Start plan!  This is  the simplest Weight Watchers plan ever!  It comes with a 2-week plan to start right on your weight loss  journey and help you get on the path to long-term success. Just click on the link above to activate your savings and see how you can get started!  Some exclusions may apply.

4) Save 30% off monthly pass good through July 31, 2014.

Monthly Pass – (clic link to activate savings)

Save 30% on your first monthly pass in participating areas! You’ll get unlimited meetings and free eTools…everything you need to help you succeed! Just click on the link above and your savings will be automatically applied. Some exclusions may apply to Weight Watchers promotion codes and deals.

These Weight Watchers promotion codes are only good for a limited time so don’t miss it…!

What a great Weight Watchers deal…. Also check out the article on US News where they rated Weight Watchers as the number one weight-loss diet program!

My assistant joined Weight Watchers recently and has some feedback on the program to share with all of you. Take it away Kimberly…

Kimberly’s thoughts on Weight Watchers

I am so excited about Weight Watchers!  I recently joined Weight Watchers online and am loving it.  I have 4 kids and gained a lot of weight with the last 2 pregnancies.  I have struggled for the past 6 years to get the weight off.  I tried different diets and would lose some weight, but always put it back on, as I was having to deprive myself of some things I really enjoyed, so they never really worked for me.  I kind of felt like giving up on losing weight, to be honest.

I am very busy as a mom of 4 and a working mom, and finding the time to get to Weight Watchers meetings just didn’t work with my family’s schedule.  With Weight Watchers online I’m able to do this from the comfort of my own home, and on my time schedule.  For many of you getting to meetings will be a big help, it just didn’t work with my family’s time constraints.

One of my favorite things about this diet is that I’m not depriving myself of foods I love.  I get to have bread every day, and I even have a Weight Watchers dessert everyday!  The best thing is I’m learning how to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the foods I love, I’m just learning to control the portions and have balance with it all.  My weight loss has been substantial, and every week a little more weight comes off, so I keep at it.  All of the tips, tools and support I need are right online, and also available on my smartphone with the app I get after I signed up online.  They have meal plans put together for you and even suggestion of things to help you stay on track when your eating out!

I got so tired of the extra weight and seeing my friends post on Facebook about their weight loss, while I still sat there with extra pounds.  I decided ‘NO MORE’, I’m going to be the next friend on Facebook sharing my weight loss adventure and victory!  This is the first Weight Loss plan I’ve ever done that I know I can keep at it long term, and I’m comfortable saying that at this point, as I’ve been at it for a decent amount of time now.  I’m so excited knowing that I’m not only losing weight, but learning how to keep it off!

With the discount you’re getting above it really doesn’t hurt to give it a try!   Believe me…if I can do it…YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Make sure you come back and let us know about your journey with Weight Watchers!

~ Kimberly

HP Codes and Stackable Discount for 2014

HP blue logo on the HP codes page with coupons and discounts

HP Codes and Stackable Discount!

Looking to save some money on HP products like computers, printers and supplies? Want a Free PC consultation from a HP expert?

Than you have made it to the right place! Not only do we have all the latest HP codes to save you money……but we have a special discount program when buying directly from HP that leads to BIGGER savings than you will find anywhere else! …..and an HP expert to help you with any questions you have.

All the details are below! First you will see a section with the latest codes on save on computers, printers and more. Below that all the details of the discount program and free PC consultation.

Current HP Codes and Discounts

* First make sure to get registered under the Coupon Dad discount program to get additional savings and to utilize the coupon codes below.

1) HP 7 Plus table and computer deal

Right now if you buy an HP 7 Plus Tablet for $99 you can get a $100 off select PC’s of $699 or more. So it’s like getting the tablet for free! SWEET. This deal is good through August 2, 2014. This deal works on top of the discounted pricing you get with my HP program. So make sure to click the link below to register an account with HP under my program and then you can get this great deal!

2) HP Ink codes

Head over and check out our HP Ink coupons and save BIG on ink and toner! You’ll receive the exclusive 15% off when you join my discount program and FREE overnight shipping on ink. Details on the page. Plus any coupons that are available to stack with this great discount!

Discount program

I have a program directly with HP for my readers that gives an additional discount on top of the savings from the HP codes! Yes, you get both the discount and coupon savings and any rebates… makes for some HOT deals!!

To get started –  just register with HP direct online through the link below so you will get attached to my discount program.

You get a discounts on HP computers, printers, ink and accessories as well!

Once registered and signed in, you should see a little yellow tag next to the price. That means the price is the discounted amount. If you don’t see the tag. Log out and log back in.

If you need assistance you can always call HP customer service at: (866) 433-2018. They can take your order and apply the discounts over the phone. Or feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions or get help from HP if needed.

Also, please feel free to share this program with all your friends!

Free Consultation

Need a little help deciding which HP PC is right for you? HP has offered Coupon Dad readers a FREE consultation with an HP expert!

Call and speak with an HP call center advisor and they can help you with your purchase!


Reach out to them for your free consultation! They can help you find the best computer, notebook or printer for your needs and budget.

Macy’s Promo Codes 2014 – Extra 20% Off Purchase!

Grab the best savings with these Macy's promo codes and deals

Macy’s Promo Codes 2014

Who loves Macy’s promo codes??? I know we do. With 4 children, things like shoes and clothing are a constant battle. The Mrs. really loves the clothing sales stacked with the coupons.  The kids now have a competition on how many items they can purchase with the same amount of money!

Promo Codes and Coupons

1) Extra 20% off including clearance through August 7, 2014

BTS - (click link to activate savings)

Get an extra 20% off the Back to School sale prices! Savings up to 65% on tons of great back to school clothing, shoes and more! Make sure to check out all the deals with Macy’s promo code.  You also get free shipping on orders of $50 or more…..Sweet! Shop through the link above and then enter the code above at checkout to lock in your discount. Some exclusions may apply to Macy’s promo codes and deals.

2) Women’s HUGE clearance sale through August 3, 2014

Women’s clearance - (click link to activate savings)

Huge clearance sale with 55% to 80% off women’s clothing! Just shop through the link above to be taken to the deal. Enjoy!

3) Semi-Annual Home Sale through August 3, 2014

Home Sale  – (click link to activate savings)

Save 20% to 50% off during the Macy’s Semi-Annual home sale! Some great deals on bedding, small kitchen appliances and more! Remember you can stack the current Macy’s promo code on top of the sale as well to save even more and maybe get free shipping. Sweet!

4) Shoe sale & clearance for 30-50% off – Limited time offer

SHOES – (click link to activate savings)

Shop sale and clearance shoes for men and women and save 30-50% off select styles! Just shop through the link above and your savings will be automatically applied. There may be some exclusions  to Macy’s promo codes and deals.

5) Three free beauty samples- Good through August 3, 2014

FREEGIFT – (click link to activate savings)

Receive three free beauty samples with any $50 online beauty purchase! Just shop through the link above for your savings. Some exclusions may apply.

6) Free Gift with purchase - Limited time offer

GIFTS - (click link to activate savings)

Get a free gift with select purchases! There are lots of free gifts with select purchases available, just click the link above to check them out. Some exclusions may apply.

Macy’s Free Shipping

Do you want to save on your shipping costs for you online orders?  Macy’s has you covered with some awesome free and discounted shipping offers!

1) Get free shipping on orders of $99 or more!

2) Get free shipping on beauty orders of $50 or more!

3) Get $9.95 flat rate shipping for all orders that are under $99

All of the offers above are for U.S. shipping only.  Some exclusions may apply to these offers, especially when it comes to heavier items like furniture.

Macy’s Store Locator

Are you looking for the Macy’s store nearest to your current location?  No problem! Just click on the link below to find the store near you!

Macy’s store locator

Once you click on the link above, enter your zip code, or the city and state, then click on ‘search’ button.  A list of all of the stores in your area will pop right up for you.  Have fun shopping and savings with these Macy’s promo code offers, coupons and deals!

How to Save

The best way to save at Macy’s is to use the promo codes and information we have posted right here on Coupon Dad for you!  Often times Macy’s has some online only sales, and when you can combine them with a promo code you will score some fantastic deals.  Make sure you bookmark this page so you can check back quickly for the latest Macy’s promo codes and deals before you shop!

Military Discount

Macy’s offers a 10% military discount on the first Tuesday of every month.  If you have a Macy’s card the discount is 15%.

My Thoughts on Macy’s

My wife and I love shopping at Macy’s, we can always sore some really good deals on clothing (especially for the kids) by watching the sale and clearance racks and then using our Macy’s coupons. LOVE that we can get quality clothing for cheaper  than Target most of the time LOL. Also Macy’s is a great place for household items and furniture! Make sure you wait for one of their furniture sales though and usually they will have a coupon to stack with the sale too. We got our couch for 60% off that way….SWEET deal. Also if you like shopping online some of the best deals can come there. Make sure to watch for the Macy’s promo codes we post and then shop around some. Especially on the clearance and sales pages. Often times the same items may be cheaper online than in even the store. But you are here for the Macy’s promo codes and coupons right? LOL

Office Max Coupons for July 2014 – Free Tote Set with Purchase

Save on office supplies with these great Office Max coupons and deals

As a small business owner, Office Max coupons come in real handy when I am trying to get the best deal on everything we need to keep the business going. Get all your office supplies and printing needs done at Office Max.

Current Office Max Coupons and Deals

1) Get a Free tote set with $150+ purchase - Good through August 2, 2014

FREETOTE - (click link to activate)

Get a free 3-piece tote set with your purchase of $150 or more. Simply shop through the link above and enter the code above at checkout to lock in your discount. Some exclusions may apply to Office Max coupons and deals.

2) Up to $150 off chairs & furniture - Valid through August 2, 2014

FURNITURE - (click link to activate savings)

Save up to $150 off chairs and furniture when you shop through the link above! Your savings will be automatically applied. Some exclusions may apply.

3) Save $18 on Boise X-9 10-ream case copy paper - Good through August 2, 2014

COPYPAPER - (click link to activate savings)

Save $18 on Boise X-9 8x5x11 copy paper, 10-ream case.  Only $29.99 (reg. $47.99) after savings! Shop through the link above and your savings will be automatically applied. Limit 4

Free Shipping 

We do most of our office supply shopping online, and are always looking to save on shipping costs.  If you’re in the same boat, you’re in luck! Check out the free shipping offers below.

1) Free shipping on orders of $50 or more – Limited time offer

Enjoy the savings on your shipping costs!

Store Locations

Are you looking for the Office Max store nearest you?  There are Office Max stores established all across the country, so chances are there is one in your area.

Office Max store locator

Just click on the link above, enter your zip code, or city and state, then click on the ‘find stores’ button.  A list of all of the Office Max stores nearest you will pop up!  If you’re looking for an Office Max with specific services, like FedEx ShipSite, printing centers, document shredding, etc., no problem!  You can narrow your search by clicking on the boxes for the services you are looking for!

How to Save 

Office Max has an awesome rewards program called ‘MaxPerks Rewards’ to help you save even more!  You can earn 5% back in rewards on select supplies, furniture, technology and more! They also have bonus rewards offered on specially-promoted products!  What’s cool about this program is that there is no limit on how many rewards you can earn!  The rewards are issued online monthly and they’re valid for at least 90 days, so plenty of time to redeem them!

Join MaxPerks Rewards

Just click on the link above to find out even more and get started saving even more when you become a MaxPerks Rewards member!

If you’re a school administrator or teacher there is a special MaxPerks program made just for you!  This program is tailored specifically for your budgeting concerns and classroom needs!

Join MaxPerks Rewards for Teachers

Just click on the link above to find out more about the program and get signed up so you can start saving!

Enjoy the savings with these Office Max coupons, promo codes and rewards!

Military Discount

At this time, Office Max does not offer a military discount. If this policy should change, we will let you know.

What We Love About Office Max

We’re always looking to save on our office supply needs as well as saving on school supplies for the kids.  Our favorite thing about Office Max is their MaxPerks Rewards program, which allows us to grab supplies for super cheap and sometimes even for free!  They have a great selection of products and really great prices too!  We’re sure you all will love the savings as much as we do!

Make sure you leave a comment below with the deals you were able to grab using these Office Max coupons, codes and deals!