Coupon Dad – “Who Is This Whack Job?!”

by Coupon Dad

Coupon Dad

“Who is this Whack Job?!”…….”and why should I follow him?”

Well I’m glad you asked!

Let me enlighten you about the man behind Coupon Dad.

The Whack Job:

Real name: Zack

Husband and father of 4 (3 daughters and a son)

Businessman by day, blogger and social media nut by night

Scrooge (hold onto those coins….), money saver and avid couponer (see story below)

I think I’m humorous, most others don’t agree

Over analyzer, little OCD (ok, ok more than a little)

BIG kid (my 7 year old tells me to grow up all the time)

Have an artistic side that will come out every so often

Appreciator of good wine and occasional scotch (single-malt)

Military brat and have lived too many places to count

Computers tend to be nice to me

Follow Me?

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What’s Your Thoughts?

by Coupon Dad

What’s Your Thoughts?

I have a quick question for everyone if you have a second.

So first I should tell you I am VERY color blind. Blue and purple – same thing. Shades of colors (any) especially dark.…

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Getting started…..

by Coupon Dad

So I thought I would take a moment and share my thoughts on the direction this blog may go.

Being the “Coupon Dad” and my passion to help people save money…. will lead to favorite topics like Hot Deals, Giveaways, money saving ideas and tips…..and of course Coupons!…

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Coupon Dad – The Introduction

by Coupon Dad

Welcome to Coupon Dad Exposed – the blog!

I figured for the first post I would tell everyone a little about myself and my family.

Since January of this year (2009) I have been known in the blogging world  as Coupon Dad, but I do sometimes respond to the name Zack as well! …

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